IBM Connect 2014, AD501 - IBM Worklight for IBM Domino Developers

Mat Newman  February 11 2014 13:59:04
This year at Connect I presented a session "IBM Worklight for IBM Domino Developers".  The idea was to show Domino Dev's how easy it is to transition from creating pure browser-based applications utilising XPages with the Extension Library + Mobile Controls that are included out-of-the-box with Domino 9 to creating a native application utilising IBM Worklight which has IBM DOMINO as the back end data service.

There were three demonstrations included within the presentation:
  • Building a mobile site using XPages, the Extension Library and Mobile Controls in under 5 minutes,
  • What is possible with DDS and how to make calls through DDS to handle Views, Navigation, Searches and Documents that return JSON objects, and
  • How to construct a Native application within IBM Worklight that draws on DDS.

Unfortunately there were some major technical issues with the first repeat of my session (we went through 3 devices on the main stage before we found one that worked! :-( ) so I was not able to run through the demos in that repeat.  Fortunately, the second repeat had everything working and the attendees saw the presentation in all it's glory, including the Demos; where I managed to build a mobile application in 4 minutes and 17 seconds.  Yes it really is that easy!  Thanks again Paul Hannan for the tutorial that is online for everyone to work their way through.  And yes, even without any XPages experience, you will be able to follow this to create some fantastic mobile apps and modernise you Domino environment.

Back to the session.

I've included some additional slides and links to help the reader more easily understand the context within which a developer with Domino experience can easily draw on the Domino Data Service API to CRUD data from a Notes Database application.  The session runs through a description of what DDS is, how it's enabled, and then walks through creating the mobile application with Worklight.  Again, the importance of Paul's tutorial here in explaining the mobile controls and how to configure them is easily transferred into the Worklight IDE, the main point being that the properties and configuration of the mobile controls within Worklight is VERY similar to Domino Designer Eclipse.


Totally Unofficial, Totally Unsupported IBM Connect 2014 Notes Session Database - Now with MOBILE via XPages

Mat Newman  January 23 2014 00:13:33
Thanks to the outstanding work of Giuseppe Grasso, the TUTU IBMConnect Notes database now has an awesome XPages interface optimised for mobile access!

Figure 1: Welcome to the Mobile version

Figure 1: Welcome to the Mobile version

One of the features I really love about this app is the integration with a venue map to show you exactly WHERE that session you're looking for has gone to.

Figure 2: Where's that session?

Figure 2: Wheres that session

It's a great app, and I'm sure will prove useful to you as you wander the halls of the Swan, Dolphin, Yacht and Beach over the next few days.

Access the app HERE:

See you in Orlando!


Need an iCAL feed for the entire IBM Connect schedule - It’s in the TUTU IBM Connect Notes Database

Mat Newman  January 21 2014 19:45:45
Yep, the Totally Unofficial, Totally Unsupported #IBMConnect Notes Session Database has an iCAL feed for the entire conference schedule.

How can you access it?  Simple!
  • Open your Notes calendar,
  • Expand "Show Calendars" in the Navigator, and
  • Choose "Add Calendar"

Figure 1: Add a Calendar

Figure 1: Add a Calendar

Now complete the "Add Calendar" information:
  • "Add" an "iCalendar Feed",
  • Choose: "A Public Calendar",
  • Label: Whatever you like (I used "IBMConnect 14"),
  • Add the iCalendar feed URL ( ),
  • Click "View this calendar when offline..." if you want it to sync with IBM Traveler,
  • Choose a Background/Text colour and Icon, and
  • Click OK

Figure 2: The "Add a Calendar" dialog

Figure 2: The Add a Calendar dialog

That's it!

You should now have the entire IBM Connect conference schedule overlaid as an iCal feed in your Notes calendar.

Figure 3: The IBM Connect iCAL feed from the Notes Database

Figure 3: The IBM Connect iCAL feed from the Notes Database

Remember, if you choose to "View this calendar when offline..." the feed will also sync with your mobile device if you have access through IBM Traveler.

We've got more additions coming for the schedule database, watch this space.

Don't forget to click the "Sync with Server" action inside the database, we've added additional sessions including some of the community events such as BALD, the Soccer Match, Great Geek Challenge and Linuxfest V.


And we’re BACK - The Totally Unofficial, Totally Unsupported IBM Connect Notes session database

Mat Newman  January 20 2014 16:48:04
As you know, last year a group of enterprising individuals took over where Ben Langhinrichs left off with the Connect 2013 IBM Notes session database.  Well, we're BACK, and thanks to a cast of thousand's, this year even better.

A HUGE amount of thanks to the following people who did the work to get this IBM Notes Database back online for 2014:

Rob Novak: AJAX Parts
Karl Henry Martinson: JSON Parts
Vitor Pereira: Imports, using the above and killer instinct on finding the data
Giuseppe Grasso: Mobile and XPages
Andreas Imnitzer: Compatibility and Set-up 2014
Giulio Campobassi: Mobilite integration
Gab Davies/Turtle: Thanks for the Server!

You can download the IBM Connect 2014 version of the database: download HERE ( <- Right-Click, Download).

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the file, just put the sphere2014.nsf database in your IBM Notes data directory, choose the session you want to attend, and then click "Add to Calendar".  It's that easy.  You can also keep your local replica up to date just by clicking on the "Sync with Server" action, which will connect to the fabulous Tim and Gabriella Davis's servers at the Turtle Partnership and keep your information up to date.

Keep an eye out.  More features will be available soon.


My Top 5 reasons to get to IBM Connect 2014

Mat Newman  January 15 2014 18:15:33
For the past few years, the trek to IBM Connect (Lotusphere) has become a pilgrimage for me.  

It was in the late 90's that I first heard of a conference dedicated to Lotus software held in the USA at the Swan and Dolphin in Orlando.  I immediately added it to my Bucket List of "Must Do" things to achieve in my lifetime.  Watching the Videos for the first couple of years (yep, I mean VHS cassettes) provided to us by our local IBM/Lotus reps I became very excited at the depth and breadth of content and information that came out of the conference.  

When I finally made it to Lotusphere (as it was then called) my expectations were exceeded.  I never truly comprehended that the "gods" of the Lotus community - many found on and the Lotus forums on - were actually super friendly and more than willing to share their experience and expertise once one introduced themselves and asked them a question (along with the obligatory refreshing beverage, which is the only "payment" any of them asked for sharing a solution with you).

Many of those people I am now privileged enough to call my friends.

So what are my top 5 reasons for attending IBM Connect?

1. Targeted Learning

Can't find a scheduled training course in your area that addresses your specific concerns and requirements? How about this:

Over 400 sessions, covering everything from installation, deployment, management, development, integration and adoption, where you can pick and choose exactly the sessions that you need to solve your immediate problems.  You won't find this breadth of choices anywhere else on the planet, presented by the experts in their field.  Often the hardest thing to do during your 5 days at IBM Connect (don't forget the "Jump Starts" and "Master Classes" on Sunday!) is to choose which session you will actually attend.

2. The UX (User Experience) Lab

There is no-where else that you have such easy access to the people who design and develop the products utilised or planned to be deployed within your environment!

Reason number 2, go and meet the folks in the UX Lab

Designers: Available for the past few years at Connect/Lotusphere is the UX Lab, where you can meet the people responsible for designing the next version of IBM's products.  They're there to listen to your feedback and get your suggestions on how IBM's software can be improved.  They're awesome people and there's nothing like the HUGE buzz one gets to see a feature included in an IBM product that you personally suggested to one of the Designers in the UX lab.

3. The Developer Lab

Similar (but different) to #2, how about the opportunity to talk with the developers!

Developers: In the Development Lab you can meet the people who write the code that creates the products you use.  Again, it's an amazing experience to ask your questions directly to one of the folks who actually wrote the code behind a feature that you need more information about.  I've gained some amazing insight into IBM's products from my chats with the developers, why they implemented a feature the way they did, and why it works in a particular way.  Similar to #2, these guys are more than willing to listen to your suggestions on how a feature should work, it's amazing to see them pull up some code and make changes in front of you.

4. The Roadmap, Keynote, "Ask the ..." and Gurupalooza sessions

Due to the expansion of focus at IBM Connect in the past couple of years, the OGS (Opening General Session) simply hasn't had enough time to cover all the fantastic news, developments and new features in each of the individual products IBM produce.  What you will get out of the OGS is a high level overview of IBM's strategy and direction.

Want even more detail regarding a specific product? Simple!

Attend the "ROADMAP" and "WHAT'S NEW IN ..." sessions that you will see peppered throughout the conference agenda.

And on Thursday don't miss the "Ask the Product Manager" or "Ask the Developer" sessions where you can ask questions to the expanded group of Product Managers and Developers, you're sure to get an answer from someone on stage.

Finally, if you want an answer to a particular query you have, don't miss the Gurupalooza session.  These are the people in the Community that are the experts in their field, who work with, deploy, manage and develop on IBM software day in and day out.  If one of these people don't have the answer, it probably doesn't exist!


No, I don't mean "Social Business", I mean that there will be thousands of people - just like YOU! - who are there for exactly the same reasons.  

Don't sit by yourself at Breakfast or Lunch, choose a table, introduce yourself and open a conversation.  You will be amazed at who you might be sitting with and talking to, and how often they have similar experiences to your own.  Chatting with someone in this environment can provide some fantastic insight into how someone else is using or deploying IBM solutions within their environment.

And finally: If you see a face you recognise - no matter how you might have encountered them - say HELLO! Don't be shy, don't be backward, Get Social and CONNECT.

It was one of the hardest things that I did at my first Connect/Lotusphere, to overcome my feeling of awe as I introduced myself to my "hero's" in the #Yellowverse.

They're just people.  And now many of them are my friends.  Lotusphere isn't just a conference, it's my Happy Place.  It's where I get to reunite with my yellow "Family" every year.

I look forward to seeing you there!


The number is in ... 4500+ customers REINSTATE Notes/Domino in 2013

Mat Newman  December 23 2013 21:56:26
IBM don't publish many figures when it comes to Notes/Domino, licences, seats, etc ... but here is a number I can publish:

4500+ IBM Notes/Domino customers REINSTATED their licences in 2013!

What is a reinstatement? It results from a customer letting their Notes/Domino renewal lapse - which in my experience has meant that they are actively looking at options other than Notes/Domino for their messaging, collaboration and application requirements - who subsequently decide that they WANT the capabilities offered by the latest releases of Notes/Domino and choose the REINSTATE their licences to take advantage of those features.

In my 5 months at IBM (has it been that long?) I've been pleased to deal with so many customers who have seen the value proposition that IBM Notes and Domino - in conjunction with their myriad of entitlements - bring to their organisation, and they are often blown away at the capabilities that this powerful application suite offers them.

We've even had some OUTSTANDING competitive wins in the last few months (look out for the references soon) from customers who have CHOSEN to deploy Notes/Domino for the first time, particularly satisfying when our competition often declare "Notes is Dead", or even more laughable ... "legacy".

2013 has been a great year. I'm looking forward to 2014 being an even better one.

Read the detail *carefully* IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 availability of group 1 national languages

Mat Newman  December 3 2013 21:14:51

Today IBM announced IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 availability of group 1 national languages:

"IBM® Notes® and Domino® is a family of client and server-based offerings for messaging and collaboration on a wide variety of operating environments. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it provides a platform for the rapid development and deployment of collaborative and workflow-driven business applications that can support a wide range of critical business processes and bring people and ideas together.

IBM Lotus Notes® and Domino V9.0.1 is now available in the following languages:
  • Catalan
  • German
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Italian"

Read all about it HERE:

In case you're wondering what NEW features are included in Notes/Domino 9.0.1 - there are some great descriptions for Notes, Designer and Domino. There is also the summary description of all new features HERE.

One of the best reasons to upgrade to IBM Domino 9 - Mobile Apps in less than 5 minutes

Mat Newman  November 29 2013 19:08:08
One of the best features of the latest releases of IBM Notes and Domino 9 is the inclusion of the XPages Extension Library and Mobile controls in the core code.  Yes that's right, everything you need to modernise your existing Notes applications is included right out of the box.

BENEFIT: There is nothing additional you need to install or configure, you don't have to beg your Admin to add any capability, everything is already included in the default install.

Recently a number of customers have been asking me how do they take advantage of the outstanding XPages Extension Library and Mobile controls, especially since they have no previous experience with XPages.

The answer arrived on the IBM Notes/Domino wiki a few days ago courtesy of IBM development legend Paul Hannan.  Paul, as you might know, is one of the developers behind IBM's XPages technology, has co-authored a number of books on the subject and written many articles on how to make the most out of IBM XPages.  His latest is excellent.

Even if you have no experience with IBM XPages, all you need is IBM Domino Designer 9, a Domino 9 Server, a Notes database and THIS TUTORIAL loaded in a browser of your choice.
( )

It will take you about an hour to work your way through the tutorial with your own application, most of that will be reading and locating the appropriate settings in your Designer client.  After that, it will take you less than 5 minutes each to turn all those lovely Notes Databases you've created over the years into Mobile Masterpieces.


Installing IBM Connections plug-ins in IBM Notes 9 on Ubuntu Linux

Mat Newman  November 4 2013 11:23:28
A quick one to share today - how to get the IBM Connections Activities, Status updates and enhanced Business Card Plug-ins installed easily in IBM Notes 9:

Modify your access to /opt/ibm/notes

I found this was necessary because one cannot modify the content of /opt/ibm/notes using the installer from within the Notes client, and one cannot execute Notes as root, so:
  • Open a terminal
  • sudo nautilus
  • Navigate to the /opt/ibm folder
  • Right-Click Notes
  • Choose properties
  • Go to the Permissions tab,
  • Change "others" to have "Create and Delete" rights.

Once you're finished, you can modify the access back to the default using the same procedure.

Download and extract the Connections Plug-ins in IBM Notes 9

Download the Installer from the IBM Connections plug-in download available from greenhouse:Á245802A721A20185257A9B005EFD52

Once downloaded:
  • Open the file in Archive Manager,
  • Extract
  • From within, locate the file "" and drag that to your required install location.

Figure 1: Extracting the file to your required install location
Figure 1: Extracting the file to your required install location

Now you're ready to install.

From within IBM Notes 9:
  • File -> Application -> Install,
  • "Search for New Features to install",
  • "Add Zip/Jar Location...",
  • Navigate to the file extracted earlier.
  • Next, Next, Accept, Install, etc, etc...

Restart Notes ... VOILA! IBM Connections Activities, Status Updates and Enhanced Business Cards.

At Present this install option will not install the IBM Connections Files plug-in ... watch this space!

Figure 2: IBM Notes 9 with the plugins installed:
Figure 2: IBM Notes 9 with the plugins installed:


IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 Social Edition delivers quality and usability enhancements to help power social business

Mat Newman  October 29 2013 03:45:12
Today marks another milestone in Notes/Domino's 24 (well .. almost) year history, General Availability of IBM Notes and Domino 9.0.1.

In summary, some of the enhancements include the following:

IBM Notes® and Domino software brings social collaboration and business applications together in a single, easy-to-use environment, with just-in-time access to applications and email across a wide range of client devices. IBM Notes and Domino software enables users to seamlessly tap into the knowledge of people both inside and outside of the company.

IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 Social Edition enhancements

IBM Notes

  • Deployment improvements for OpenSocial components
  • Multiuser integration assistant support for Notes Browser Plugin
  • Ability to add, modify, and delete online meetings for calendar entries
  • Update Linux™ Print Library to replace deprecated library
  • Enable mail-in application (not user's mail file) support in Notes Browser Plug-in
IBM iNotes®
  • Supports preference to turn off iNotes ultralight attachments
  • Supports iNotes ultralight mobile device viewer (with IBM Connections)
  • Expanded Active X support for standard users
  • Support for Auto Save
  • Improved spell checking performance
  • Supports full mode mail, calendar, contacts accessibility
IBM Domino
  • IBM Domino server installation now fully accessible. Additional accessibility support added for IBM iNotes and XPages
IBM Notes Traveler updates (incorporated from IBM Notes Traveler V9.0.0.1 Social Edition)
  • Attachment security settings
  • Out-of-office support for Android and Apple iOS devices
  • Support for Prevent Copy messages on Android and iOS devices
  • Attachment streaming optimizations
  • Support for adding online meeting information into calendar entries for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Microsoft™ Windows™ Phone, Microsoft Windows RT, Microsoft Windows Pro devices
  • Support for adding meeting room information on Apple devices
  • Improved calendar notification handling
  • Android client enhancements
  • Meeting support enhancements
  • Support for attachments and inline images on Microsoft Windows Pro and Microsoft Windows RT devices
  • Open Source currency

You can, of course, read more about it HERE:

Besides the features mentioned above, there are a number of functionality improvements within Notes, Domino and Designer ( ) which I tweeted about earlier, and will be following up with some posts for the things not covered in the overviews in the next couple of days.

Hello 9.0.1 ... it's great to FINALLY meet you!


Mat Newman

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