My Day of Firsts

Mat Newman  March 15 2010 23:06:18
A Day for firsts for me.

My First Day as an attendee at Collaborative Intelligence.  Mmmm. Still think the local version (in Australia) should have been called "Lotusphere Comes to you".

My First Day Live-Tweeting an Event that I attended.

My First Day talking with IBM'ers about AusLUG 2010 - let's make it happen!

My First attendance at a live Rugby League game at ANZ Stadium (excellent, ANZ use Portal, and Wests Tigers - the Yellow Team -coming from 20-4 down 10 minutes into the second half, WON!)

And on a sad note...

I lost my pen.

You'll know it if you see it, It's a gold Sheaffer ball-point pen.  It's not much to look at, It has a black ink cartridge and it is a bit worse for wear ... but my great-grandmother gave it to me for my 18th birthday, so if you have it, I would really appreciate it if you returned it to me....

Mat Newman
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My Day of Firsts


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