2011 ... what a ride!

Mat Newman  December 31 2011 23:46:00
I don't just mean the roller-coasters at Lotusphere and Alton Towers :-)

What a year.  It began with outstanding feedback and response from my "where is the love" session at Lotusphere and just kept on going from there!

It was the Lotusphere where "The Yellow Suit" made it's first appearance.

A year that saw everyone, including television programmes, embracing social; it was a busy time on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Skype and with discussions on the Bloggerverse.  For the first time I made it to the UK for the famous UKLug conference where I saw first hand what an outstanding event a user group could be.  Three trips to my new favourite destination, with two new customers there embracing IBM Collaboration Solutions to solve real world problems.

And the inaugural AusLUG conference.  What started as a blurry discussion at Lotusphere 2011 with Barry Sanders became reality in August when Australia finally joined the rest of the world with our own BIG Lotus event.

And rumours about a 60,000 seat sale of Lotus Notes in Australia that has been kept pretty quite.  I can confirm that this has happened, I did the Admin training for them, although I will leave the formal announcements to the people who are keeping it quite for one reason or another.  One thing is for sure, there's life in the old girl yet :-)

With two sessions next year at Lotusphere 2012 I'm already getting excited about the year ahead.  My mate, Mitch Cohen has a saying: "Lotusphere energises you, it get's you ready to face the year ahead."

I'm already energised, I feel 2012 is going to be HUGE!

1Mitch Cohen   01/01/2012 13:03:12  
2011 ... what a ride!

Mate a year later and you are still quoting me :-) can't wait to see you in 2 weeks

2Mat Newman

01/03/2012 12:36:44  2011 ... what a ride!

@1 Mitch, well It is THE quote that best describes Lotusphere :-)

Mat Newman IBM Champion

3kam  01/11/2012 7:50:40  
2011 ... what a ride!

I guess 60k seat licenses will make up for losing 50k from my company. Good riddance Notes! Too many bugs.

4David Hablewitz  01/17/2012 13:19:14  
2011 ... what a ride!

Mat, if you think going to Lotusphere can energize you, I can tell you that NOT being there is energizing me too. More later.

BTW, Kam, running software 2 generations older than current isn't the fault of the software, it's the fault of the administrator running the environment.

Mat Newman

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