Get Social at IBM Connect 2013 ... Don’t think, Don’t Hope, DO!

Mat Newman  December 9 2012 07:13:42
I'm really so very excited about the upcoming conference, whether it be called Lotusphere or Connect, since this will be the first time in 5 years that IBM have completely overhauled the Lotus Notes client that I love and evangelise.  My first Lotusphere in 2008 was abuzz as the event heralded the introduction of a new Notes client with a completely new interface that was IBM Lotus Notes 8.  I remember the conference being so busy that there were actually 2 opening general sessions to cater for the numbers of people attending.

The upcoming event already has that same vibe due to the new IBM Notes 9 family's pending release.

As with most first time attendees I was overwhelmed to be at Disney with so many others, so much going on, so much to do, and so many people that I wanted to meet.  Much to my relief, the people whom I looked up to for so long as sources of knowledge and inspiration turned out to be just 'regular' people.  I made a point of introducing myself whenever I saw someone I recognised.  I'm glad I made the effort, as many of these people have now become my colleagues, mentors and most importantly, my friends.

I can not wait for the conference to start so that I can meet with them again.

I know that I am definitely attending IBM Connect 2013, because I've just received conformation that two of my proposed sessions have been accepted.

The first one I'm so pleased to be co-presenting with Margo Ezekiel, User Experience Team Lead for IBM Collaboration Solutions.  The session is:

Have it YOUR way and make it WORK for You!

The exceptional ability to customise IBM Lotus Notes to fit your customer or business needs continues with the new IBM Notes 9 Social Edition.  Learn how to make company-wide changes and tweak Notes to suit your personal work style.  Margo and Mat will show you how to fine tune your client experience and improve your productivity by adjusting settings, and we'll offer hidden gems on how to personalise, manage and master the new pieces as well the new features to enhance the more traditional components.  You will leave brimming with the latest and greatest tips for the latest and greatest client so you can have it YOUR way and make it WORK for You!

Margo and I are going to show you how to customise the new IBM Notes Client, I'm really looking forward to this session.  The other session is one that I've been having so much fun with at the last couple of Lotusphere conferences, and again at events around the world:

User Blast 2013!

New Name! New Features! New Tips!
IBM Notes 9 combines the best of the traditional Lotus Notes client with exciting new social capabilities. Mat will demonstrate how to take advantage of this new range of features with tips to customise, deploy, integrate and boost your productivity that you can take back to your users to hit the ground running immediately with the new IBM Notes 9 client.

Reading through the twitter stream of other sessions that have been accepted for the IBM Connect 2013 conference, I'm excited about the variety of sessions and depth of expertise that's going to be on show.  But Lotusphere/Connect is not only a great learning experience, it's also the exceptional array of people gathered in one place at one time that makes this conference so special.

And that's what the title of this blog is about.  Make sure this year when you attend Lotusphere/IBM Connect you don't think about meeting people, you don't hope to meet people, just DO.


1Ray Bilyk  12/10/2012 13:44:04  
Get Social at IBM Connect 2013 ... Don’t think, Don’t Hope, DO!

I can't wait to sit in both of your sessions! I also can't wait for the screaming, sprinting, bear hug we will share! Cheers, my friend! See you very soon!!!

2Erich Schmidt  12/10/2012 23:40:52  
Get Social at IBM Connect 2013 ... Don’t think, Don’t Hope, DO!

Mat, I am really looking forward to your great sessions. You're an inspiration, thanks!

3Mat Newman

12/11/2012 12:20:24  Get Social at IBM Connect 2013 ... Don’t think, Don’t Hope, DO!

@1, Ray: Count on the Bear Hug Mate!

@2, Erich: Thanks mate, looking forward to meeting with you at #IBMConnect

Mat Newman IBM Champion

4Mary Beth Raven  01/22/2013 10:30:25  
Get Social at IBM Connect 2013 ... Don’t think, Don’t Hope, DO!

I am so glad that you have continued your tradition of partnering with awesome User experience people! :)

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