How to update your Contacts database and ensure it’s features are current

Mat Newman  August 22 2012 15:17:39
A question from twitter.  The user in question had updated their Lotus Notes client to a current release, but didn't have all of the newer features available to them in their Personal Address Book (Contacts) database.

To ensure your Contacts database is up to date, which means it has the latest features and options, as well as providing your Lotus Notes client with the most up to date preferences and settings, follow these steps:
1.        Within your Lotus Notes client, access the Workspace
Figure 1: Accessing the Workspace

Access the Lotus Notes Workspace

2.        Locate your own Contacts database (in My Case:  "Newman's Contacts")

3.        Right-Click the database, Choose Application -> Replace Design
Figure 2: Replace Design option

Replace the Database design

4.        Choose the "Personal Address Book" template from the list, and choose "Replace"
Figure 3: Use the correct template

Choose the right template

5.        Your Contacts will now be updated to include the latest features and options
Figure 4: New features and Options available

Lotus Notes Contacts, new features available

Note: this process is normally done automatically by your Lotus Notes client during an upgrade, but I have heard of a couple of instances where this hasn't happened.  If you're missing a feature, you might want to try these steps.

1David Ball  08/22/2012 21:14:39  
How to update your Contacts database and ensure it’s features are current

Another thing that I have done on some end user machines is to close Lotus Notes then change the notes.ini value for TemplateSetup=xx to TemplateSetup=0 then start notes again, this forces an update of all local databases such as bookmarks, contacts to the latest installed version (as long as the templates are accessible!)

Not sure if it is the right way but it has worked for me!

2Mat Newman

08/23/2012 8:52:26  How to update your Contacts database and ensure it’s features are current

@1, David: Great tip mate, thanks for adding it to this thread.

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