#LotusKnows it ain’t over ’till *I* say it’s over!

Mat Newman  August 4 2011 22:21:10
To say there's been a little 'hiccup' in the Yellow bubble over the last few months would be an understatement.  My take is simple.  An AWESOME campaign was run by IBM that - for the first time since the Notes 5 'I AM' promotions - did something to publically acknowledge the contribution of IBM/Lotus software to the greater good - with an emphasis on 'LOTUS' to the general consumer.

And let's face facts.  The 'general consumer' includes ALL of the customers - and users - who have an interest in Lotus Software.  Whether you're the CEO of a fortune 500, or the coal miner checking the daily running sheet (yes, Coal Miners DO use Lotus Software), seeing the Lotus Knows advertisements on Taxi-Cabs, in airport's and during airline in-flight movies gave you a little glow.  I know it did for me whenever I saw them.

Whenever a consumer sees a public advertisement for the solutions they are running within their organisations they feel vindicated.  Solid in the knowledge that their decision to implement and/or upgrade their implementation of Lotus software was the right choice, because others are looking at it and wondering what the benefits are.

While THEY already know.

A quote that passed through TWiL 61 resonated with me: "Notes/Domino customers are actively embracing Social because they already understand the value of Collaboration".

Yes. They do.

While the money that puts the Lotus message on billboards and onto little screens may have run out, the message still holds true.

That's why I have finally gotten around to putting one of the banners on my web-site that points to the OUTSTANDING collateral that the Lotus Knows campaign provided.  That HAS NOT disappeared.  It's still out there for anyone wishing to point their browsers to it, or have their business partner guide them in the right direction.

We all know Champions always put up the good fight.  When it comes to solutions, there is still one undisputed champion where it comes to collaborative software.

Lotus Notes has not gone anywhere, and I will talk to whomever I can to discuss it's power and flexibility.  As a matter of fact, I feel a migration to Notes coming on next week.

To anyone who has told me recently "Lotus Knows is dead...."

#LotusKnows it ain't over till I say it's over!


1Ed Brill  08/05/2011 11:44:18  
#LotusKnows it ain’t over ’till *I* say it’s over!

Nice one Mat. Thank you for your enthusiastic embrace of *doing*.

2Mat Newman

08/05/2011 19:43:32  #LotusKnows it ain’t over ’till *I* say it’s over!

@1, Ed: One of the key take-away's from LS11 was . I think there's something in that for all of us.

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