Still using an old version of Lotus Notes? How to create and use a HTML file without using Microsoft Word

Mat Newman  November 11 2012 13:57:42
Read a post today from someone wanting to know why a HTML file created in Microsoft Word doesn't look 'right' when used as a Lotus Notes signature file.

The OLD (oh yeah, I mean REALLY OLD) process for using a formatted signature in an OLD version of Lotus Notes typically recommended using a document created in Word, and then saved as a HTML file.

Rule No 1. NEVER use Microsoft Word to create a HTML file to be used as a Lotus Notes signature.

Rule No 2. If in doubt, refer to Rule No 1.

The evil here is actually Microsoft's. Microsoft don't follow HTML standards and have chosen to use their own 'custom' (ie: proprietary) HTML tags in files generated from Word and most of those tags are incompatible with anything other than Microsoft software.

Microsoft Outlook users who have their preferences set to using Microsoft Word as their email editor also suffer from the same sorts of problems when reading standards-based HTML format email messages.

If you are using the HTML file option, use a standards based editor, like this one:

Once you're on that page (or something similar), do the following:
1.        Type and format your signature
2.        Click on the 'Source' Button
3.        Copy that text
4.        Open Windows Notepad (or another text editor on your computer)
5.        Paste the text
6.        Save the file in a place you can find it
7.        *IMPORTANT* make sure the file has the ".htm" extension
8.        Change your Lotus Notes preferences to point to that file

Tip: To ensure compatibility across almost every email client, use only "Arial, Courier, or Times New Roman" as the font and keep the size to one of these: "8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 18, 24, 36"

If you are using a version of Lotus Notes that was created after 2008 (ie: 8.5+):

It's even easier, and you DON'T have to use a HTML file:
1.        Create an email Message (Ctrl+M)
2.        Type and Format the text you would like to use in your signature,
3.        This can include links, images, etc
4.        Copy the text (Ctrl+C)
5.        Go to your Inbox
6.        from the Action Bar, choose MORE -> PREFERENCES
7.        On the MAIL tab, click on the SIGNATURE tab
8.        Choose "Use Rich Text"
9.        Click in the rich text area that appears
10.        Paste (Ctrl+V)
11.        If you want the new signature to appear on EVERY email, check the "Append..." option
12.        Choose OK

Whether you use either method, ensure your Lotus Notes client is configured to send HTML format email correctly using the settings in my blog post "Fix Ugly Email".

Signatures in Lotus Notes. Easy.

1Fredrik Norling  11/11/2012 18:31:38  
Still using an old version of Lotus Notes? How to create and use a HTML file without using Microsoft Word

And don't forget to add

This message was sent from IBM Lotus Notes - MORE than an Inbox

{ Link }

2Mat Newman

11/12/2012 9:37:09  Nice touch Fredrik

@1, Fredrik, I forgot to add that one ;-)

Mat Newman IBM Champion

3Stephen Bailey  11/12/2012 21:08:14  
Still using an old version of Lotus Notes? How to create and use a HTML file without using Microsoft Word

It's not such a nightmare to use Word to create a Lotus Notes signature file.

All you need to do is ensure that you save the file as "Web Page, Filtered".

This removes the extra carriage returns and other gremlins that can occur when using Word as an html editor.


4Scott Yeager  07/15/2013 10:41:09  
I need to access .nsf files from 1999,2000 and 2001 using Notes Client Software

I have a need to open old Lotus Notes files from a PC (or MAC if possible) using either the new client I just purchased or find an old copy of a notes Client from 2000 or 2001. I have numerous .nsf file email files archived and Lotus Notes Databases created in 1999, 2000 and 2001.

I purchased the latest version of the client and loaded it on my MAC but it does not prompt me to open a file from the hard drive the way the old version would.

Either how do I make this new Notes client work on the MAC or how do I buy or find a free copy of a notes client to run on a PC Windows XP Pro OS from 2000 pr 2001?

5Mat Newman

07/15/2013 11:43:28  Accessing old Notes databases

@4, Scott: Once Notes is open, just hit CMD+O, then click the 'Browse' button at the bottom of the Open dialog to find your applications. The biggest problem you're going to have is with security on the databases if they're encrypted or the ACL doesn't include a name which will give you access.

Mat Newman IBM Champion

6Ashish  02/20/2014 21:03:16  
Still using an old version of Lotus Notes? How to create and use a HTML file without using Microsoft Word

Try Kernel for Lotus Notes to Word tool it can export all Lotus Notes emails into Word document with attachment. You can also high quality print data from any PCs after NSF to word conversion. Read more - { Link }

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